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Terikka Faciane, Clarifying Who You Are & Why You Are at It's Time | WiseIntro Portfolio

Terikka Faciane

Clarifying Who You Are & Why You Are

It's Time

I have been teaching identity and destiny awareness in some capacity for over two decades now. I am passionate about this work, and I am committed to helping others get clear on their identity and purpose. This passion drives me to be a relentless resource creator, gatherer, and sharer. I believe when we are clear we are free to embrace who we are and we can begin making our unique difference. It's Time is my way of facilitating this clarity.


The 'I AM' Project (My Book of Me): Many students are expected to learn the same, perform the same, and produce the same, when in fact they are not the same. The ‘I AM’ Project addresses this myth by helping parents (and educators) better understand who their student is and how they learn best, so they can better prepare them to navigate school and ultimately succeed in life. (Learning Success Coaching)

The 'I AM' Journey: Many adults come to a point in their lives when they find themselves grappling with who they really are and what the point of their life is. The ‘I AM’ Journey is a step-by-step process that will help them discover and clarify their identity and clues to their calling, so they can embrace who they are by design and begin living into their life’s purpose. (Identity & Life Purpose Coaching)

The Messenger Experience: Many who are called to lead wrestle with identifying and refining their God-given message. The Messenger Experience provides a 7 Question Framework that helps Messengers get clear in key areas so they can begin reaching their tribe. (Messenger Midwifing)



"No one has ever taught me so much about myself. Mrs. Faciane, you are an extremely inspirational person. I admire you!" - Cassie K. (Upward Bound Student)

"Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher. You taught me so much. You made me express things that I thought I couldn’t. Thank you!" - Mario Z. (Upward Bound Student)


"If you have a nagging sense that you might be missing your calling or there's more to your life than you're currently experiencing, Terikka can help you uncover what that 'more' is." Sundee Frazier (Award-Winning Author)

"Terikka has been sent to show you the Self you were meant to become. Think of her presentations, self-study courses, group coaching sessions, and workshops as a ‘reunion-esque’’ introduction she’s strategically facilitating between you, your truest self, and the long-hidden purpose of your life.” Joy Strange (Consummate Creative)


This page is simply meant to serve as a brief introduction of who I am and who I am privileged to serve, along with some awesome resources to get you started. If you would like to learn more about me, this identity & destiny work, please visit the links featured on this page or drop me a note.

I would love to see how I can bring identity and destiny awareness to you or your group! It's Time!

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